Raleri Rugby Goggles

World Tugby Trial Approved Rugby Goggles have been developed with a view to posing no additional risk to the wearer and other players and can count on high level specifications in terms of:
- Impact resistance;
- Anti-fogging;
- Huge field of vision;
- Safe unlocking in the Retention system.

The Rugby Goggles are designed to allow corrective lenses wearing. Corrective lenses are to be prescribed by a medic and installed by an optician in the provided "clip on" that mounts in the inner side of the goggles. Here you can download the technical paper RaleriGogglesDescription.pdf which contains optical tips and suggestions on the clip-on glazing.

Rugby Goggles 2.0 EVOFogStop Size A & B

Rugby Goggles 2.0 PROFogStop Size A & B

The Rugby Goggles - Which Size?
Measure Your Head Circumference

Less Than 500mm Size B
In Between 500mm and 520mm Size A or B
Greater Than 520mm Size A