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Lenses for the Great Outdoors

Did you know that different lens colours actually serve different purposes?
The tint of your sunglasses lenses can enhance your depth perception and reduce eye fatigue in different environments,
improving your performance in sports and in all outdoor activities.

42 products

42 products


All TONIC style lenses feature - Polarisation - With our custom Colour Filter system. Crystalite Glass - The clearest Glass Lens available. SliceLens - at only 1.7mm thin, lighter than any other glass lens on the market. VistaView - Optical Decentered Lens, important for true depth and distance. ARC - Anti Reflective Coating to reduce “bounce back” on the inside of the lens.

TONIC Photochromic Polarised Glass
Lens Construction


TONIC Glass Photochromic Polarised Grey lens incorporates a 3 Colour Integrated Polarising Filter system using the colours: Green - to retain colour, Aqua - that acts as a splitter to define colour where it normally flattens out, and Grey - that gives deep contrast whilst activating the Photochromic properties. The TONIC Glass Photochromic Polarised Copper lens incorporates a 4 Colour Integrated Polarising Filter system using the same 3 colours as the Grey with an additional Yellow - that enhances colour.

TONIC optically ground decentered glass lenses, Vistaview™, are a lightweight 1.7mm thin glass, designed for wearing all day long and extremely light weight that you wouldn’t know they are actually glass. All TONIC Polarised glass lenses have an Anti-Reflective Coating on the Back Surface of the lens, reducing back surface reflection by 45%.

Looking through a pair of TONIC Sunglasses you will enjoy true accuracy of depth and distance thanks to the decentered lens plus stunning colour saturation for reds, blues and greens - more vibrant than ever before.