Dive Masks

Dive Masks


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      Get Ready to Dive: Shop Prescription Dive Masks at Goggleman Now!


      We offer a range of diving masks in a range of sizes suitable from small to large heads using top brands including Tusa, Hollis, Apollo and Cressi, all ideal for fitting with our prescription lenses.  The range includes: 

      Options for Prescription Lenses.

      Goggleman Goggleman Goggleman Goggleman
      Single Vision Prescription
      Lenses from $275.00.
      Gauge Reader Prescription
      Lenses $250.00.
      35mm Bifocal Prescription
      Lenses $330.00
      Franklin Bifocal Prescription
      Lenses, Phone for Prices.

      Single Vision Lenses
      Single Vision Lenses have a single focal point for distance vision and can be made for a wide range of prescriptions including high prism and high cylinder powers.

      Single Vision lenses are made from optical crown glass for optimum optics and also available in premium lens material to make lenses thinner and more suitable for difficult scripts or for the diver wanting lenses as thin as possible. Very high scripts will need to be made in premium lens material to minimise the potential of edge lens contact with the temple area of the face.

      Gauge Reader Lenses
      Gauge reader lenses are made for divers needing near vision correction only and are typically used for reading your gauges.

      Bifocal Lenses
      For divers who require both Distance and Near vision, bifocal lenses are a popular option with a wide 35mm reading segment, as they feature a minimal image jump from distance to near and gives the diver optimal vision correction.

      Franklin Bifocal
      A Franklin Bifocal also offers you Distance vision but with a wider Near vision view than a normal 35mm Bifocal Lens.

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