Goggleman Anti-Fog

Tired of Fog?


What is Fog?

On all continents, irrespective of climate conditions, prescription lens wearers face the problem of fogging when they move from a cold to a warm environment:

  • In warm, humid regions, prescription lens wearers face fogging problems on a daily basis year round (for instance, when they leave an air-conditioned environment).
  • In temperate or cold climates the problems can arise in many different everyday situations: riding a motorcycle, taking place in a sports activity, or cooking.

Fogging is also a problem for a large number of professional activities, particularly those that require the wearing of masks (in healthcare, for example) or other protective equipment.

Stop the Fog with Goggleman Anti-Fog.

Goggleman Anti-Fog lenses prevent lenses from fogging up, thanks to a specific concentrate and coating, offering the wearer clear vision in all conditions.

Goggleman Anti-Fog is available in a wide range of prescription lenses throughout our range of goggles and eyewear.