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Looking for Diving Goggles or Scuba Swimming Masks with Prescription Lenses? Buy with Confidence from Australia’s Goggleman

Having sharp vision underwater is paramount for the safety, enjoyment and peak performance of activities such as swimming, diving and scuba. Often, though, it’s not easy to find prescription diving goggles or scuba masks. Even optometrists often don’t offer suitable prescription eyewear for athletic purposes.

At Goggleman, we wanted to fill this void, which is why we opened our doors in 2002 with the goal of bringing better prescription eyewear to swimmers, divers, scuba enthusiasts, skiers, snowboarders, motocross racers and others. By offering prescription dive masks in Australia—along with other prescription goggle or frame designs geared towards active lifestyles—we have been able to help some very talented athletes invest themselves more fully in their passions.

Buying from Goggleman: What to Expect

One thing we find at Goggleman is that many of our customers have spent years searching fruitlessly for the perfect prescription frames to suit their lifestyles. For instance, we’ve had buyers who came to us looking for scuba diving mask prescription lenses after repeatedly striking out elsewhere. We’ve encountered plenty of customers who were sceptical that our products could do what we promised they could. For this reason, we’ve set up a business model that makes it easier for our customers to buy from us without reservation.

For starters, we make it easy to try on our frames before committing to a pair. Though we have a physical store location in Adelaide, most of our sales happen through our website. For customers who want to test out or try on our goggles before they buy, though, we have set up an effective compromise. For $20, we can send you up to four frames. Try them on, see how they feel, test out the prescription and decide what you like. When you have chosen the ones you prefer, send back the frames you don’t want, and we will bill you for the others. We even split the cost of postage with you, to make this service more affordable.

We also offer warranty coverage on every single pair of glasses or goggles we sell. Even if you’ve tried on a diving mask with prescription lenses, you can’t know for sure whether it’s right for you until you’ve worn it for a few diving sessions. For this reason, Goggleman offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee on every pair. If you wear your goggles for a few practices or competitions and they aren’t meeting your expectations, Goggleman will refund your purchase. On top of this guarantee, we also offer 12-month manufacturers and workmanship warranty, which protects the goggles against any unexpected breaks or failures.

Pick out Your Prescription Diving Goggles or Scuba Masks Today

If you need scuba swimming goggles with prescription lenses and are tired of being let down, get in touch with Goggleman today. We’d be happy to help you pick out the right diving goggles or scuba masks, with the goal of turning you into a lifelong Goggleman convert.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping For All Prescription Orders + Private Health Insurance Rebates Apply