FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Order?

To place an order, click on the product you like and follow the prompts.  Or Call us on (07) 56476197 Gold Coast or Australia Wide on 1300 464 453 to order over the phone.

What is a PD Measurement?

PD measurement stands for Pupilary Distance (the distance between your pupils) and is required when making a pair of prescription eyewear.

How can I try them on?

For just $20 Goggleman will happily share the cost of postage and send up to 4 frames for you to try on. This way you get to touch and feel the products to make sure your decision is the right one. ($20 includes the return postage).

Can I use my existing Goggles or Sports Frames?

Yes you can. We will happily replace your old prescription lenses with new ones into your existing Goggles or Frames. Call us on (07) 56476197 on the Gold Coast or Australia Wide on 1300 464 453 to discuss your options.

Do we offer a warranty?

Yes. Every pair of prescription eyewear comes with our NO RISK promise to you....14 Day money back guarantee for Non-Prescription Items and 60 Day money back guarantee for Prescription Items, if it does not meet your satisfaction. Additionally, all eyewear we sell comes with a 12 month manufacturers and workmanship warranty.

Do we do strong prescriptions?

Yes we specialize in the hard stuff and offer the widest prescription power range of any Australian company. We can produce prescriptions between +6.00 and -8.00 in modern wrap sports frames. So if you have been told that you can't have it or that it can't be done then you need to call Goggleman today on (07) 56476197 Gold Coast or Australia Wide on 1300 464 453.

What lens types do we offer?

We offer all lens types that you could expect from your local Optometrist and much more! However in some cases we don't suggest some lens types due to the nature of the lens design and how they may inhibit your distance vision, but we'll be sure to let you know if we think this might be the case.

How can I claim on my Private Health Insurance?

We are a registered Australian Health Insurance Provider, so you will have no difficulty claiming for your prescription eyewear. We will provide you with an itemised receipt that can be forwarded to your health insurer that can be processed just like a pair of regular spectacles.

I ride in wet/humid conditions. What sort of lenses do you recommend?

Goggleman Anti-Fog lenses are ideal for all conditions, including wet/humid environments or where there are changes in temperature. Goggleman Anti-Fog lenses are virtually fog-free and come with an anti-reflection coating to give the crispest vision and reduce unwanted reflections.

If I come off my bike or vehicle, will me lenses break?

Goggleman provides the option of Polycarbonate lenses at the time of order, which are a safety-grade lens with very high impact resistance. Basically these lenses will stay intact even if your goggles crumble.

I ride during the day and night with an open-face helmet. What sort of lenses do you recommend?

Transition Lenses provide full UV protection. They darken during the day with sunlight activation(UV) and then lighten at night. In an open-face helmet they provide a good option for glare reduction at different times of the day, even in cloudy conditions.

I want to use my bike goggles when I go fishing. Can I use them for this?

Yes, prescription polarised lenses in your motorbike goggles provide great clarity and glare reduction for fishing as well as riding. However for riding, they are best used without the helmet visor, as the visors are often polarised leading to a blurred and patchy vision interference.

Do you offer Eye Tests?

No we don't do Eye Tests. Most of what we sell is typically not available from your regular optometrist, so we ask that you bring a copy of your prescription to us and we take care of the rest.