Get Trusted Lens Care from Zeiss Pre-Moistened Lens Wipes Available Online at Goggleman

Our day-to-day lives are filled with lenses and screens. These surfaces notoriously attract dirt and smudges, and then when you go to wipe them clean, you get streaks. It gets worse - wipe too hard and the debris will scratch the surface. When the scratched lens is your eyewear, you’ve got a real problem.

Scratches damage eyeglass lenses and impede your vision. Vision quality gained through prescription lenses is lost to distortion. Avoid scratches by using lens and eyeglass cleaner wipes which are specially designed to rid these surfaces of dust and oil. Get Zeiss pre-moistened lens wipes and indeed all of your active eyewear needs at Goggleman.

Streak-Free Cleaning from Zeiss Lens Care

When we notice a smudge on our lenses, our first inclination is to grab clothing or a rag and wipe them clean. Streaks are an annoying but inconsequential by-product – or so it seems. Wiping with conventional fabrics is likely to cause micro scratches. At first they are unnoticeable, but over time they wear into the lens, causing irreparable damage. If you have paid extra to have a specialised coating applied to your glasses, improper lens care gradually strips the coating away unevenly.

Laboratory-tested quality has made Zeiss lens care products a trusted option in Australian homes. Where everyday wipes work with water and an abrasive cleaning solution, the extra fine texture of Zeiss cleaning wipes is moistened with two ingredients used in medical equipment sanitation.

These scent-free wipes are ultra-soft and safe to use in multiple lens-based applications, but they were originally designed for eyeglasses and goggles. Individually wrapped, keep them on hand in the car, at the office and around the home for quick, easy and damage-free lens cleaning. One try and you’ll see why Zeiss wipes are the ultimate lens cleaner for goggles available online.

We can’t know what we don’ know, until we know. If you’ve already ruined a pair of lenses, but want to continue using the frame, bring your specs to Goggleman. We repair glasses and goggles and replace prescription lenses on existing frames. Protecting your eyewear is essential to extending their functionality. Proper care should be taken regardless of your schedule or proximity to our clinic. That’s why we offer Zeiss’ lens cleaning wipes online.

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We work with the latest technology and implement the most innovative manufacturing processes to produce high-quality eyewear capable of keeping pace with your active lifestyle. Come and visit us in Brighton to see how we can fit your prescription to your sport.

We’ve committed to serving each client with a personalised touch. Our goal is to fit you with a comfortable device to optimise your vision, even when active. All Private Medical Health Insurance plans are accepted, and we are Medicare registered.

International shipping is available, but if you’re in Australia, non-prescription shipments are billed a flat $13 and prescription items are mailed free. Choose the express shipping option at checkout if you need your Zeiss lens care in less than three days. Contact us if you have any questions and ask about our unbeatable 90-day money-back guarantee on eyewear.