Motorcycle 7 Eye and Wiley X Features


7 Eye AirShield Ultimate Protection.

AirShield is Designed for Optimal Fit.
It has been created to follow the contour of the face, therefore providing a perfect seal around your eyes. With a Seal Protection of 100, it is made to provide maximum protection. Its fast drying fabric overcoat quickly absorbs and whisks away moisture.
AirShield is Removable and Replaceable.
AirShield is removable for those occasions when full protection isn't require, or to replace a damaged or worn AirShield.
 AirShield has Filtered Vents.
It's patented Orbital SealTM uses filtered vents to manage airflow around the eyes and prevent fogging, while blocking wind, glare and airborne irritants from interfering with your vision.

Wiley X Climate Control Range come with their Patented Removable Facial Cavity Seals with breathable "OPEN CELL" Foam. These provide protection for the eyes from wind, dust and airborne irritants. Blocks out peripheral light, enhancing the benefit of polarised lenses.