Goggleman: Your Source for Children’s Prescription Swimming Goggles and Other Optical Waterproof Underwater Goggles—All Available from Our Online Store

Just because you wear glasses doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do the things you love. Since 2002, this philosophy has driven what we do at Goggleman. It’s led us to go beyond what the average optometrist can provide. We can produce optical prescriptions in frames and goggle designs that make certain athletic events more accessible to individuals who have less than perfect vision. Our underwater prescription goggles are a big part of this mission.

Get off the Sidelines with Waterproof Prescription Goggles

When you wear glasses or contacts, going in the water poses a sort of dilemma. On the one hand, you can’t wear your glasses or lenses in the pool. On the other hand, swimming without goggles—or even opting for standard swim goggles with no prescription lenses—can leave you feeling disoriented or unable to navigate properly. If you have blurry vision, the combination of your eyesight and the already blurry underwater environment can present definite barriers to strong swim performance.

At Goggleman, we solve this problem with waterproof prescription goggles. Our goal is to help you get off the sidelines or bleachers and into the pool. Whether you are training for pool races or an open water triathlon, being able to see where you are going is going to be essential for strong performance. Our optical swimming goggles give you that ability. They pair high quality, waterproof swim goggle designs with professional grade prescription goggles. The result is the clearest vision you can ever have underwater.

We offer both children’s prescription swimming goggles and standard sized optical goggles for adults. No matter your age or level of athletic competition, our goggles provide the vision correction, leak-proof design and overall comfort you need to focus on your form and speed. With most of our goggle designs, you will even have multiple colours to choose from—perfect for matching to a suit or just finding something that suits your personality.

Swim Faster and Harder with Optical Swim Goggles from Goggleman

For so many different sports, vision problems can act as barriers to entry. Too often, glasses are a distraction or impediment during sporting competitions. There’s a reason why most athletes in sports like soccer or basketball wear contacts. Until relatively recently, though, swimmers, divers and other water sports athletes didn’t have an ideal option for mid-activity vision correction.

Luckily, prescription grade swimming goggles have improved rapidly over the past 10 or 20 years. Companies like Goggleman have been able to put better prescription lenses into goggle designs that are more comfortable and waterproof. With our help, there is no reason that our customers can’t continue to do the things they love. Whether you swim for leisure or competition, we have the goggles you need to push yourself harder and enjoy yourself more fully. If you’re seeking the best swimming goggles online, look no further than our selection. Give us a call if you have any questions.