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Kids Sports Eyewear

Kids Sports Eyewear

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Toddlers and Kids Can Now Swim with Children’s Junior Prescription Swimming Goggles

Your child’s visual impairment should not be a barrier that prevents them from learning to swim. With junior prescription goggles, your child can enjoy the water with confidence and clear vision helping them to learn the skills they need to swim safely. At Goggleman, we have a selection of swimming goggles that are suitable for your child no matter their prescription.

Get your Children’s Prescription in Swimming Goggles Today

Swimming without eye correction spectacles would mean your child is visually at a disadvantage and puts them at risk of accidental injury, which around water could lead to unnecessary harm. With kids prescription goggles we apply your child’s prescription lenses which allows them to see clearly in and around the pool.

Our range of goggles is designed to accommodate nearly any prescription requirement. For example, our Leader Junior Prescription Swim Goggle has a total power range of +20.00D to -20.00D and up to -4.00D Cyl. The goggles also have hypo-allergenic silicone eye seals and straps, with an adjustable nose bridge providing the comfort you need while in the water. Distinct edging of the lenses means that you get the same leak-proof performance as standard goggles.

If you are growing your child’s confidence in the water early in life, then our Progear H20 swim goggles are an ideal choice as toddler prescription swim goggles. These goggles come in three colours and are supplied with three different size nose bridges, so you can start small then change them out as your child grows.

For the older children aged five to twelve years, our Vantage Junior RX Ready Swim Goggles are suitable for those who do not need a high astigmatism correction. The spherical lenses are a polycarbonate grey anti-fog lens with UV protection which is ideal for the seasoned swimmer who loves swimming outdoors. The grey lens helps to reduce the glare from the sunlight while your child enjoys the water at the beach or in an outdoor pool. The hypo-allergenic silicone eye seals and dual split head strap also provide a secure fit for your child.

Getting The Lenses You Need In Your Goggles

We offer services and prescription goggles that are often hard to come by yet so important and necessary. Our qualified optical technicians use the latest in lens technology and manufacturing processes to customise goggles to meet your child’s prescription needs, even for those with a complex prescription. Whether it is astigmatism, prism correction, far or near-sightedness, we will give you professional advice and quality service to help get your child seeing clearly while they swim.

All our products come with a ninety-day money back guarantee as well as a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. We offer free shipping for your children’s prescription swimming goggles, as well as a case for safe storage. Contact us today to discuss which swimming goggles will best suit your child and get them swimming with confidence.

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