Tonic Sunglasses


All TONIC style lenses feature - Polarisation - With our custom Colour Filter system. Crystalite Glass - The clearest Glass Lens available. SliceLens - at only 1.7mm thin, lighter than any other glass lens on the market. VistaView - Optical Decentered Lens, important for true depth and distance. ARC - Anti Reflective Coating to reduce “bounce back” on the inside of the lens.

TONIC Photochromic Polarised Glass
Lens Construction


TONIC Glass Photochromic Polarised Grey lens incorporates a 3 Colour Integrated Polarising Filter system using the colours: Green - to retain colour, Aqua - that acts as a splitter to define colour where it normally flattens out, and Grey - that gives deep contrast whilst activating the Photochromic properties. The TONIC Glass Photochromic Polarised Copper lens incorporates a 4 Colour Integrated Polarising Filter system using the same 3 colours as the Grey with an additional Yellow - that enhances colour.

TONIC optically ground decentered glass lenses, Vistaview™, are a lightweight 1.7mm thin glass, designed for wearing all day long and extremely light weight that you wouldn’t know they are actually glass. All TONIC Polarised glass lenses have an Anti-Reflective Coating on the Back Surface of the lens, reducing back surface reflection by 45%.

Looking through a pair of TONIC Sunglasses you will enjoy true accuracy of depth and distance thanks to the decentered lens plus stunning colour saturation for reds, blues and greens - more vibrant than ever before.