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Whether you play for recreation or are completely serious about the sport, rugby is a game that people of all ages can enjoy. There is nothing in the world that compares to the excitement of getting on a pitch with your friends, playing matches for fun or competition. Yet, when you go out to play rugby, you want to be sure you are as safe as possible. It can be a dangerous sport and, while that’s part of the excitement, an injury can take you out of the game and ruin your whole day or worse; your entire season. Especially when it comes to your eyes, one of the most sensitive parts of the body, you need to ensure they are shielded on the field by wearing speciality safety goggles for rugby. At Goggleman, we give you just that, offering a range of rugby prescription goggles at market-related prices.

The Premier Choice for Rugby Goggles in Australia

If you have been looking for your top choice of rugby goggles in Australia, look no further. We are the only Australian business dedicated to prescription sporting eyewear, keeping your eyes safe since 2002. With our choices for adult and children’s rugby goggles, you will be able to find goggles to keep your eyes shielded. We help keep your vision protected so that you can keep doing what you love, without concern.

Just because rugby goggles are made for your safety, that does not mean that can’t look great too. Often, our customers are concerned about wearing eye goggles during a match because they think they’ll look odd. However, with our variety of eyewear options, you can look great while keeping your eyes as safe. With choices from all the top brands, you will have no problem finding something that suits you.

Whether you wear glasses or contacts and need speciality prescription goggles or are just looking for that extra eye protection when on the field; we will have just what you need. Our rugby eyewear can address a range of concerns, whether you are playing rugby or another sport. Weak vision or eye issues can get in the way of your favourite games and worrying about your eyesight while playing rugby is something you don’t want. With our options for rugby goggles, you will have peace of mind knowing your eyes are safe while on the pitch.

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If you have been looking for rugby goggles or eyewear for other sports, contact us here. With plenty of options to choose from, we have whatever you require for your vision while enjoying your favourite games. Your eyesight should not distract from enjoying a match, and with our prescription goggles, you will be sure to see an improvement.