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Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses for Dry Eye by Ziena at Goggleman

Chronic dry eye is a painful condition where one’s eyes cannot produce or maintain the optimal moisture levels. Burning and itching sensations create a scratchy surface under the eyelid which can cut the eye’s membrane. Chronic redness is common, and airborne irritants exacerbate the problem. Medications and eyedrops bring temporary relief but require continual maintenance.

Dry eye symptoms only worsen in winter, a season notorious for dry and drying conditions. Eyeglasses for dry eyes are specially designed to restore comfort regardless of environmental conditions. Don’t let sandpaper eyes make you sit out another ski season, turn to Goggleman for a comprehensive solution to your active eyewear needs.

Choose Ziena for Dry Eye Glasses

We recommend Ziena for dry eyeglasses. Ziena is best known for their moisture chamber eyecups. A patented technology, Ziena dry eye glasses have silicone around each lens. The silicone sits comfortably against the face which keeps irritants away from the eye while slowing down tear evaporation.

Originating from the desert of Ontario, California, Ziena glasses maintain comfort despite dust storms, high pollen, excessive glare and poor air quality. This line of prescription glasses for dry eye symptoms provide a natural solution requiring minimal maintenance. Ziena’s silicone eyecups are held in place using micromagnets for quick, easy and tool-free replacement.

What’s great about Zeina dry eyeglasses is that they do their job without looking like headgear. The silicone cups are translucent and blend in between the stylish frame and your face. With sizes for all ages, they are an ideal solution for children who may feel insecure about their specialised spectacle needs.

Call Goggleman for all your prescription and non-prescription active eyewear needs. We perform repairs and can replace expired or damaged lenses in preferred frames. Come down to our store in Brighton. If you like the Zeina fit but need something for the snow-packed slopes, we can get you fitted with over-laying goggles.

We also carry an assortment of frames for dry eye prescription sunglasses. Ideal for driving and outdoor activities, these frames have fixed cups around the lens that decrease air’s access to your eye. Select a frame that fits comfortably and matches your style for relief even when the sun is bright.

Australia Keeps Moving with Goggleman

Since 2002 we’ve served Australia as the exclusive source for prescription sports and recreation eyewear. We say “yes” when your regular eye specialist says “no.” We have partnerships with the leading sports eyewear brands and make customised spectacles suited to your specific condition, fit and intended activity. We’re Optical Technicians who work with all prescriptions and a wide range of eye conditions so that you can continue to participate in the activities you love.

We are Medicare registered and accept all Private Medical Health Insurance. Express shipping is offered. Non-prescription orders within Australia are billed at non-refundable $13 flat-rate shipping while orders with prescriptions are shipped free. International shipping is available at cost. All eyewear purchases come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. Refunds are disbursed upon receipt and inspection of rejected eyewear. Call Goggleman todayfor dry eye prescription glasses, and we’ll help you see what you can do.

90 Day Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping For All Prescription Orders + Private Health Insurance Rebates Apply